Zhejiang Yongbao Pearl Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yongbao Pearl Co., Ltd. Engaged in freshwater pearl wholesale professional company, located in Chinese largest freshwater pearl distributing centre - shanxiahu town. Experienced freshwater pearl 20 years ups and downs, and everlasting treasure have a large number of stable foreign and domestic customers and established good business relationship, on our enjoys high reputation, by the Wall Street journal reporter interviewed specially Mazurkewich of Karen. In the new century, the company in wholesale scattered beads as dominant premise, the promotion of pearl and jewelry processing, in the domestic market professionally. In domestic design company concentrate doing pearls, or numbered high-end than drill still expensive, either literally of in its cleans out numerous, and are upscale route of the metagame, 10 years in the everyone in succession of jewelry design circle, soured forever treasure the rise of pearl, which many people's congress surge, most are unaware of this travolta look-alike jewelry design company, but forever treasure can not idle, from Hong Kong jewellery to the mainland's exposition has not idle, also with its fashionable design wind, cost-effective consumption concept, god's fashionable white-collar women and girls are heart. At the same time insisted that every woman is beautiful idea, will be more abundant of affection into design, appear very humane.