Zhengzhou Yanyang Machinery Factory

We,founded in 1990,has become the top grade designer and manufacturer for Recycling equipment,Sawdust processing equipment,Waste plastic and rubber processing equipment! For example,recycling machine fr circuit board,copper wire, cable, aluminium-plastic panel,wood powder machine,plastic and rubber grinding machine,other equipment for separating metal and nonmetal and ancillary equipment. Zhengzhou Yanyang Machinery Factory was entitled as "State-owned Machinery Factory" and belonged to Mechanics Research and Design Institute of Henan Province. Our company has become the top grade designer and manufacturer in this field in China! Research, development, manufacture and marketing are continuously integrated. A great deal of outstanding research and management talents, with eager creativity, representing the highest trade level of the state, are gathering here and have formed a harmonious, ambitious, efficient and disciplined team. Consistently making progress and innovation in trade and promoting the concept of environmental protection, we have produced the latest products, which have been newly put into the market, such as Environmental Protection Type (EPT) Superfine Pulverizers, Wood Lumber Smashers, Two Step Twin Chambered Pulverizers, EPT Electric Wire/Cable and Circuit Board Retrieving/Recycling Equipment, EPT Electric Capacitor Recycling Equipment and EPT Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Equipment. All of our products have been used in more than 20 cities and provinces of Mainland China and Taiwan Area and are professionally exported to Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. We have an experienced and skillful after-sales service team and our service methods are various and flexible. Besides traditional or routine service methods, we are in practice of Internet sales tracing services after customers' purchase. During customers' decisions of purchase and actual purchase, we send our staff members to the installation sites to design the best technical circuits/processes and schemes for customers without any charges. After customers' purchase, our professional after-sales service staff members will be sent to the work sites to instruct in every aspect without any charges. What customer need is just what we spare no effort to do and customer satisfaction is the object that we constantly pursue. Believing in the doctrine of "quality means the life of an enterprise", we take "honesty and efficiency" as the foundation of our management and constantly persist in it. Creating our reputation with quality and good characters, promoting our prestige with services and prospering our enterprise with quality, we pursue the aim of customer satisfaction. For many times, we have gained praises from technical supervision departments of the government and have won glorious and creditable titles, such as "the Unit Providing Quality Products" and "the Unit Providing Reliable After-Sales Services". Unity is strength and unity of will is the impregnable stronghold. Following the concept of "Making innovation ceaselessly, renovating nimbly and keeping forging ahead positively", we are marching forward as the top grade enterprise not fearing of hardness and difficulties, with serious and full-hearted attitude. We make contribute to the cause of environmental protection at home and even the whole world as possible as we can.