Zhongshan Sano Taien Illumination Electrical Equipment Factory

Sano Taien Lighting & Electric Appliance Factory, founded in 1993, is a professional manufacturer of classical lamps and wrought iron lamps. Our organization structure is made up by sales department, R&D department, engineering department, hardware workshop, painting workshop, resin processing department and assembly department. In addition, Sano Taien has powerful R&D force, advanced testing equipment and management system. Certificated by ISO9002 quality management system, our production techniques are dramatically upgraded. Most of the designers are from Italy, holding the rule of making products full of human nature and design art. From the style of Revival of Learning to prevailing fashion in Europe and America today, product of Sano Taien is of decoration, practicability, view & admire, and collection value. Our product is a combination of high quality, cultural background, fashion trend and oriental aesthetics. Uniquely designed, our product is ideal for decoration of your living room, bedroom, dining room, bookstore, hotels and offices. The profound cultural atmosphere is bound to make your life tastier. After the conformity of interior resource and market resource, Sano Taien has been endeavoring to create benefits for cooperators and customers. Dedicating ourselves to classical lighting, Sano Taien persists in promoting development of the occidental lighting culture and fashion.