Zhongshan Ruixian Electronics Factory

RUIXIAN Electronics was established in 2004, has been committed to the design of optoelectronic product development and production. Our team has a strong R & D capabilities, now has nine patents, including patents, utility model patents and design patents. LED products including the 5 patents. In recent years, we strengthened the solid state (LED) lighting products, research and development, Have successfully developed a variety of green lighting. Compared to traditional lighting products, energy saving 90%, and have safe, reliable, long-life characteristics. Than most peers LED products, our products exceed 30% of the Luminous efficiency (30% more energy saving) , comparable to any international top brands. All LED lighting products - more than the latest 'Energy Star' standard. The company strictly according to ISO9000 quality system, providing customers with high quality products. Company in 2006 into the process of environmental protection, all products comply with RoHS, to meet the environmental requirements of various countries. Our variety of unique products, the world's first design, unique features or appearance, of course, high quality, Nevertheless, they affordable, Provide cost-effective products, Our advantages. Solid-state lighting industry or an emerging industry, LED lighting product quality is good and bad, please note, shop around! Our products, such as: LED Aluminum light board, LED bulb, after more than 20,000 hours of aging test results were very good; on climate also has a good adaptability, Long-term test, confirmed the product's high reliability and security. The practical application of more than 2 years, Customers are very satisfied with our products. We will do our best to make real the green lighting! Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, long-life products, our R & D direction. Honesty, responsibility, and pragmatic spirit, the attitude of our work! Green products, innovation and the future!