Zhiming Group Co., Ltd.

Zhiming Electrical Co., Ltd. is located Liushi, Wenzhou, in the south Zhejiang. Established in 1991, our factory mainly produces single phase and three phases mechanical electronic type KWH meters, GE brand meter bases, panel meters, low voltage shunt capacitors, high voltage shunt capacitors, AC contactors, thermal relays, magnetic starters and switching capacitor contactors. We can also supply you with circuit breakers, residual current devices, switches, fuses, power, and other electronic components. In March 2001, we passed the evaluation of ISO9001. We have independent export and import rights, and our "ZHIMING" brand products are now widely accepted by most clients. On the basis of Hi-tech and modern management, our company is robustly developing and glowing, with market share increasing greatly. In order to ensure and improve the quality, we have equipped with modern testing apparatus and excellent production technology and therefore continuously provided high quality products with low prices and the best quality, including DD28, DD17, DD862 and DT862 series KWH meters, DDS450 single phase electronic meters, DDSY or DTSY 450 electric meters with prepay fee, DTSF450 multi tariff kilo watt hour meters, GE meter bases, AMPER meters, voltage meters, BSMJ low voltage shunt capacitors, BMH high voltage shunt capacitors, power relays, CJ19 contactors for switching capacitors, AC contactors, and mini circuit breakers (MCCB). Besides meeting domestic market requirement to the maximum, our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions. Our company is devoted to building an integrated enterprise combined Tech research and Industrial Production with Trading, on the basis of "Best Quality, Excellent Services, Hard Research". Under our topic of "True attitude, Creation and innovation, perfect services", we honestly welcome all clients to make mutual development with us.