History of Yeh Yu In 1987, Yeh Yu Enterprise, a machine embroidery company, was established in Taoyuan, Taiwan area. For the past years, Yeh Yu has developed diversified embroidery techniques to fulfill all kinds of embroidery demands from customers. According to the continuous efforts of improvement in embroidery techniques and embroidery services, Yeh Yu now is a leading embroidery company in embroidery industry in Asia and one of the biggest embroidery companies in Taiwan area. Embroidery overview Embroidery is an ancient technique of art. In the past, many embroidery designers spent their lives to establish fantastic embroidery techniques and embroidery products. Nowadays, helped by advanced machine embroidery techniques, we can easily use the amazing embroidery techniques by these embroidery artists on modern fashion products. Vision Because of the specific texture and the splendid expression that embroidery has, embroidery has been widely used in the front of fashion. Our vision is to be an advanced fashion product manufacturer focusing on the embroidery techniques. Strength: Embroidery techniques To fit the growing embroidery demands globally, Yeh Yu has built diversified embroidery techniques. These embroidery techniques can fully express the effects that customers want. Our embroidery techniques can sub-categorize by stitch styles or embroidered fabric styles. Stitch styles: Sequin embroidery, ribbon embroidery, cord embroidery, tape embroidery, bead embroidery and cross stitch. Embroidered fabric styles: Embroidered fabrics, applique embroidery, lace fabrics and embroidered pieces which can be further made into clothes and embroidered patches (also called embroidered badges or embroidered emblems). Strength: Embroidered products Since 1990s, Yeh Yu has specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of embroidery products. The semi-products that Yeh Yu enterprise has manufactured can further be manufactured into final embroidered products by cooperating with our subcontracting partners. Our embroidered products can categorize into three main embroidered product lines: Home textile embroidery: Embroidered curtains, embroidered pillows, embroidered cushions, embroidered bedding sets, embroidered tablecloths, embroidered slipcovers, embroidered chair covers, embroidered blankets, embroidered carpets and embroidered rugs. Garment embroidery: Embroidered dresses, embroidered wedding dresses, embroidered evening dresses, embroidered shirts, embroidered t-shirts, embroidered vests, embroidered jackets, embroidered coats, embroidered skirts and embroidered underwear. Accessories embroidery: Embroidered collars, embroidered scarves, embroidered shawls, embroidered handkerchiefs, embroidered bags, embroidered patches, embroidered caps, embroidered shoes and embroidered towels. Strength: Good fame Yeh Yu was authorized to produce embroidered semi-products for many famous companies. These experiences made Yeh Yu to fit with international qualification and made Yeh Yu a quality guarantee and trustable embroidery company.