Yikun Sports Co., Ltd. Ningbo

Yikun Sports Co., Ltd. Ningbo is based in Ningbo, China and is a specialized supplier of disc sports products (Ultimate Frisbees, Golf Discs and Dog Discs). Our company is dedicated to supporting the development of disc sports by providing professional products and services: 1. 175G UltiPro Ultimate Discs - Official weight and size ultimate disc 2. 175G UltiPro Winter Ultimate Discs - Developed for cold weather play 3. 135g TeenPro Youth Ultimate Discs: Specially designed for young Ultimate Players. 4. Yikun Golf Discs: Developed for professional disc golf players 5. SpaceDog Discs: Designed for disc dog players 6. Arranging Ultimate Games, Tournaments and other events UltiProTM is the brand focusing on providing ultimate players with quality standard discs for competitive games. UltiProTM is characterized with a continuous commitment to excellent performance, providing an unbeatable experience for throwing and catching. UltiProTM discs are 175 gram and 10.75 inches (273mm in diameter). TeenProTM is the brand dedicated to providing younger Ultimate players with quality discs which are smaller, lighter and softer than the professional discs to give young players an easier experience in throwing and catching. TeenProTM discs are 135 gram and 9.5 inches (241mm) in diameter. SpaceDog is the brand focusing on providing disc dog players with high performance professional discs. SpaceDog discs are 105 gram and 235mm in diameter. Vision: To be the leader in Chinese market of disc sports Mission: Promote physical fitness, participatory spirit and a healthier lifestyle. Corporate Spirit: Exploration, Energy and Quality