Yancheng Jingwei Int'l Group Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Jingwei Int'l Group Co., Ltd. is the group,Jiangsu Century lighting Co Ltd is one branch of it . It is one of the pioneers in designing, producing, and distributing innovative LED lighting, such as LED signs, LED neon signs, LED under cabinet lights, high power LED bulbs, high power LED ceiling lights, high power LED spot lights, LED message displays, taxi light box and LED solar lights. Since 2004, we have dedicated ourselves to producing LED products. Our clients can lower their power usage, increase the lifespan of their lights, and reduce the maintenance costs. We can also fulfill your OEM orders. LED lights are the lights in the future. The main difference in the quality and brightness of LED lighting and common lights is the quality of the chips. We use only high quality and reliable chips with well-known brands. Furthermore, by streamlining our production and distribution processes, we are able to keep cost low and deliver the greatest value at the lowest prices to our clients. The future of LED products is very bright.