YCH Ind. Corp.

Yi Chi Hsiung Ind. Corp. was founded by Mr. Yeh Chin-Chuan in 1989. At the very inception of the establishment, the company was specialized in producing snap hook and quick link.

Presently, products manufactured by Yi Chi Hsiung cover healthcare including bath safety, living safety, mobility and so on. We are a company dedicated to providing assistive devices for people living with physical challenge. With our devices, you never have chance to say ??? cannot???in daily life to keep you living independently and actively.

In order to have quality products, Yi Chi Hsiung Ind. Corp. not only implements rigorous tension and durability tests, but also enhances its quality control of surface treatment on antirust, anti-ultraviolet and low temperature-proof. Yi Chi Hsiung seeks to work on a scheduled production that makes each item produced by well-trained manpower in the state-of-art facilities. Yi Chi Hsiung offers wide range of quality healthcare products from living aid devices to mobility and is certificated by ISO9001: 2008.

Perceiving such a situation that clients demand on a quick receipt of their merchandises, Yi Chi Hsiung adopts the logistics management system by setting up inventory issue warehouses in Taiwan, Shanghai and Ninbo where sufficient stocks are available at all times to meet clients' urgent needs. We sincerely seek cooperation and development with global trade merchandisers, agents and OEM; and we will be delighted to work with you to create new opportunities for businesses and share the fruit of success together.