Yiphee Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.

YIPHEE ELECTRIC FURNACE CO.,LTD is a professional enterprise producing inductive heating equipment,Products through ISO international quality system certification and EU CE Cerfification . 1. main products induction smelting furnace,induction heat boiler, Attempt Electric Furnace, Forges Electric furnace, Casting induction furnace,medium frequency induction heating equipment,high frequency induction heating equipment, melting aluminum induction furnace,melting copper electric furnace and steel smelting medium frequency induction furnace, Gold, silver melting furnace,Crucible furnace 2.owing to 40 years of HF inductive heating equipment and 30 years IF equipment manufacturing experience,backing on large amount professional personnel and academy,assimilate reliability and excellent crafts from old products,improve advanced and high efficiency new technology,make our IF,ultrasonic and HF inductive heating equipment more professional,reliable and advanced. 3.Our product are widely used in the field of metal smelting,steel pipe welding, machine parts quenching,diathermanous treatment before forging,bending and other heating field.Our products have ready market in China and export to south Africa,Russia,Vietnam,Korea and other countries.