Yueqing City Huanlong Machine Factory

Established in 1983, Yueqing City Huanlong Machine Factory has developed into a modern enterprise with an area of more than 15,000 square meters from a manual workshop. With constant innovation of our technologies to the international first level, we have been highly appraised by customers for our advanced machines and various packaging cans. Productive range: 1) Paper Slitter & Rewinder: For slitting and rewinding jumbo paper roll into narrow paper rolls; 6 molds, mini. slit width 12mm, used in electricity products field and produce small i.d. paper tube); 2) Spiral Paper Tube Winder: For making paper tubes; 15 molds, Min. I.D.6mm, Max. I.D. 800mm; 3) Paper Tube Recutter: For re-cutting long tube into short tubes;13 molds, Min.I.D.6mm; 4) Paper Reel Stand: For placing paper rolls, one consist part of Paper Tube Winder Line; 5) Glue Unit: For gluing paper ply, one consist part of Paper Tube Winder Line; 6) DTY, POY, FDY Automatic Finishing Line: consists of Paper Tube Recutter, Paper Tube Trimmer (For smoothing tube two ends), Paper Tube Curler (For DTY tube inside-curling); Paper Tube Slotter (For slotting grooves on tube end part), connect each process with convey belts; 7) Seamless tube machinery: For making seamless tube; Paper Tube Polisher (For polishing tube surface seamlessly), Paper Ply Trimmer (For smoothing paper plies two ends), Automatic Seamless Tube Polishing& Waxing Production Line. We also develop new machine depends on market demand, and do improve to existing machine depends on customer feedback and demand. Tubes Purpose Use: Industries of Leather Tube, Industrial Tube, Adhesive Tape Core, Film winding tube, Textile Tube (DTY, POY, FDY Paper tube), Food Packing, Tea Pot, etc. Most importantly, we also provide the consulting service for customers. In many cases, our consulting service in conjunction with our engineering expertise allows us to help not only purchase the right equipment but also to make necessary changes to better complete the manufacturing task. Our main target is to offer high quality products with competitive prices to our trade partners and customers. Adhering to the principle of Quality and honesty, we welcome you to contact us for more information.