Xingcai Mould (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

We have been established for over 13 years, manufacturing both our own and other companies' products. This gives us the experience to look at projects from both a supplier's and a customer's point of view. Why Mike Industry(ShenZhen XingCai Mould)? High Quality, Strong International Project Management, Competitive Pricing Short- and On Time Deliveries, Early Design Involvement, Concurrent Engineering 24/6 Communication with Customers Latest available Technology used, International Management Team Mike Industry was established in Hong Kong in 1998, China plant was started in 1993, today we have two main factories, total production area 18000s.q. meter, over 500 employees, providing precision mold making, injection molding, and sub-assembly services. Our major market are in Europe, USA and China. To continuously provide the best service and keep the pace with customers' development, XingCai tool shop expanded and moved to Shenzhen from Dongguan on July 2011. the new plant, XingCai mould (ShenZhen) co., ltd., keep focusing on tooling for Precision,2-shot(2-K), Unscrewing, Thin wall and Encapsulation parts. We service Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Medical, Personal Care, Cosmetic Packaging industries. We always provide the best service, and help you to success.