Xiamen Carbonal Composite Technology Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturing & trading corporation, specialized in supplying customers with quality products. We provide high-tech carbon bicycles and frame sets worldwide. We started our business with a simple dream - provide Professional & Affordable bikes! With the strong support from our parent company - Tianzhong Group (http://www.tzbuilding.com/), now we had a factory in Xiamen as our manufacturing & researching centre, and all of us have devoted to high quality carbon wheels, carbon frames, carbon front forks, carbon handlebars, carbon stems, carbon bottle cages, carbon seat posts and other related composite products. We provide OEM & ODM services and also started our brand "CARBONALITY". Every piece of our carbon product is designed & tested according to EN standard and finished as good as famous international brand quality. Thanks to our unique processing technologies, a pioneering research development team, strong manufacturing capacity and reliable product quality, our company has developed rapidly. We have solid partnership with customers. We are integrating resources successfully and are undertaking unique high-tech projects with our friends from Taiwan Area and France. Now we also have a new production line in Guangdong, a new wheel building workhouse in Xiamen and the combined logistics & research centers both in Xiamen and Taiwan. Welcome to join us in the professional & affordable carbon bicycle world!!!