Wuhan Xingzhengshun Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Xingzhengshun Export & Import Trading Co., Ltd is a professional chemical industry enterprise, integrating production and trade. Our company is located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, which is very convenient for transportation. We also have warehouses near by Shanghai port, Tianjin port and Wuhan port. Main business fields: 1.fluoride and fluorosilicate Including SSF,sodium fluoride... 2.Phosphate Including DAP, MAP, STPP, TSP... 3.nitrate including sodium nitrate,potassium nitrate... 4.sulfate and sulfide including zinc sulfate,copper sulfate,sodium sulfide... 5.other chemicals including CMC,Titanium dioxide, pentaerythritol,soda ash... Our obvious advantages is the quality,the price, and the delivery time! If you do business with us, we will give you the most profit and the best service!