We are a professional noodle making machine producer, having been standing in this industry over 50 years and gone through two generations. In the early stage, we were named as Yung Sheng Iron Factoru; then, changed to Wei Sheng Noodle Machine Co., Ltd. In the early establishment, the primary business was to produce small noodle machine and steamed bun machine. Following the technique development and customers' approval, Wei Sheng has continuously focused on the research and development of noodle and dough sheet producing machine over 50 years. Because the device and equipments Wei Sheng offers to customers are focusing on technique and quality, we fastidiously choose material and consumable parts to produce our machines in order to assure our customers the best quality of machines. Therefore, Wei Sheng can give our customers the strongest promises, the most stable quality, the most reasonable price and the best service and coordination; which help us to gain the approval and preference from the food businesses no matter in Taiwan or in oversea market. In order to extend the range of service, Wei Sheng now are positively researching and designing the more convenient automated food producing machine conformed to food industry. We hope offering our customers the more completed and satisfying products and service through our successfully proficient business operations.