Wenzhou Sanyou Electric Co., Ltd.

We have over 10 years' experience in producing and developing controllers, DC contactors, throttles and foot throttles. We have got CE approval and over 10 patents for our products. WENZHOU CNSAYO electrical CO.,LTD. to be located in the warm continent China low-voltage electrical apparatus nearby name Liu Shi. here scenery beauty. good communications. The enterprise was founded in 1998. Is take the electric car fitting research and development. the production. the sale and the service as a body's manufacturer. mainly produces fittings and so on direct-current velometer which. controller. direct-current contact device. electronic crank. electronic foot board. battery charger the electric car uses. the enterprise has more than ten national monopoly technology. This factory has the strong rich production experience and the abundant technical force. and has certain production processing strength and the consummation test facility and the examination method. strict craft discipline and quality assurance system. Enterprise development's goal improves the product mix unceasingly. enhances the product the technical quality. stressed specially produces has the invention. has the creation. has the innovation. This factory has one group of high-level technical talented person. these people process the technical question to focus in are nimble. are practical. and has the development innovation spirit. At the same time. the enterprise takes the possible arrangement. to use each kind of machinery equipment. the manpower. the physical resource fully. in implements the product standardization in the foundation to organize the production in enormous quantities. Their continuously enterprising spirit. uses the existing system. creates the higher production achievement.