World Series Auto.

We are a Canadian firm specialized in exporting Automobiles. We currently export to middle east, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We have capability to supply any number of cars from USA and Canada. We deal in both clean and salvage cars at competitive prices as we enjoy access to extensive network of used automobiles and dealers auctions. We also help in arranging shipping at very competitive rates to various ports accross the globe. We currently have representative offices in USA (CA, FL GA and NJ) , Canada, Dubai-UAE, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can help arrange loading of 4, 5 and 6 cars in 40 ft container. In addition, our company specializes in the export of used automobile parts to foreign markets. At World Series Auto, we stronlgy believe in our customer's success and this is why our company is on it's way to continuous growth. You can catch us online and get answers to your questions and learn more about our company and services. Please contact us for further information.