Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd.

We can produce all kinds of mechanical parts and components based on technical drawing,sample,or even a Concept.Our Competitive advantages: One-Stop Shopping from "Drawing to Part".More than 10 years' experience in domestic and overseas markets makes us a professional and efficient company in the industry.We have been keeping stable business relations for more than 5 to 10 years with our major clients in Europe and US market,and Asia.Our production capabilities includes Castings (sand castings and precision castings), forgings (steel forgings and stamping parts) and CNC lathe machined part. We have top engineers in our industries and an efficient team in research&development. What is important is that our supply is not only limited in our own production. Together with rich experience and strong economic strength, we can organize suppliers and cargoes not only in North China but also in South China at low cost on timely manner. That is why we can deal with different inquiries.Engineering Services: Conceptual design, Rapid Prototyping, R&D, FIMA, APQP, part production with PPAP, 3D model analysis, independent warehouse QC and QA and a traceable product data management to meet AQL requirement.Our Vision - To be a valuable supplier for customized engineered products and a global platform for cost effective solutions in manufacturing ODM & OEM products!