WIVOtelecom Industry Co., Ltd.

Wivotelecom Industry Co., Ltd. is an end to end system integration company specializing in range of CDMA mobility and customized terminal solutions. We entered into wireless communication field in 2002, and now we have become one of the leading CDMA mobile communication products and solutions providers with our own manufacture and R&D facilities. Wivotelecom values customers by providing cutting edge technology, platforms, systems and consulting services in CDMA subscriber terminals. We supply high quality CDMA wireless products with affordable prices as well as high quality efficiency service. Furthermore, we can provide OEM and customized products worldwide. Our Slogan: to be your professional partners in CDMA terminal solutions. Our Strength: "CDMA Specialist"-that's what we call ourselves Wivotelecom. Our distribution partnerships with major CDMA mobile phone vendors and OEM facilities manufacturing customized CDMA subscriber equipment make Wivotelecom your first choice for CDMA Network Operators & Distributor Channels. We understand the importance and needs of CDMA operators to have high quality, wide variety and cost effective mobility solutions. Wivotelecom keeps ourselves abreast with the latest and the best that CDMA Technology has to offer. We have complete range of CDMA 2000 1X & EV-DO solutions for voice & data covering all the frequencies (450 MHz / 800MHz / 1900MHz). Customized subscriber solutions with language option (English, Russian, Arabic, and French) and operator co-branding are made possible for our esteemed client. We work closely with partner CDMA operators to achieve the goal of maximizing ARPU.