We are looking for business opportunities for supplying our high performance products around the world. Together with our diverse range of hair care products and quality services, we are definitely the trustworthy business partner you have long been seeking for. Quality & Innovation Leads to Ongoing Partnership Founded in 1982, World Hair Cosmetics (Asia) Ltd. is committed to developing and manufacturing professional hair care products. Innovation is what sets us apart from our competitors and helps us forge a longstanding partnership with our clienteles in professional salons as well as retail consumers. Success Never Happens by Coincidence As a reputable company with an integrated structure, we boast our own marketing, R&D as well as production department, sales teams in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. As an industry-focused company, we are dedicated to manufacturing and developing professional hair care products. Meanwhile, our products of over 100 types are the results of our untiring and all-sided development in the industry. And our production plant has been awarded with ISO9000 and GMP certificates. Professionalism - Foundation of Pursuing Perfection & Leading Trends in Hair Styling The introduction of IDA has become a significant milestone for us. IDA has been successfully with its diversified yet unique professional hair care products, ranging from hair coloring, styling, nourishing and cleansing products to perming and hair straightening products catered for the unique needs of professional salons and retail customers. For many years, IDA has never failed to be the driving force behind the industry's trends. Professionalism Does Make a Difference We believe in professionalism. For us, professionalism reflects the chemistry, formed as a result of the fusion of our unbridled enthusiasm, our insistence upon perfection and our commitment to providing clienteles with high quality hair care products. Professionalism will mean nothing to us unless our ultimate goal can be reached by offering not only our superb products but also the ultimate solution for the hair salons and hairdressers who really care about what quality truly means. Our untiring and steadfast efforts in keeping up with and creating the trends have set IDA outstanding in the market. IDA products have won many awards and many hairstylist associations and academies have selected IDA in their international competitions and tutorials. IDA's phenomenal success speaks for itself! In the keen competition, if you are not professional enough, you will be lagging far behind your competitors. Offering a wide range of professional trend-leading hair care products and a longstanding partnership, we are definitely the edge you need! Our professional consultants are ready to offer you a tailor-made solution. Summary For professional salons as well as hairstylists, we offer: - Superb professional hair care products - Ultimate tailor-made solution - Long-term partnership IDA has wide range of hair care products including: - Hair colorant - Hair styling - Hair nourishing - Hair cleansing - Hair perming - Hair straightening IDA distinctively positions itself through: - Diverse array of professional hair care products - Unmatched quality of products - Uniqueness and creativity - Unbridled enthusiasm in developing innovative hair care products - Steadfast efforts in keeping up with and leading the trends IDA products have won awards as: - Amy Magazine's "My A List Hair Styling Product" Award in 2007 - Fashion & Beauty Magazine's "OL Beloved Hair Styling Product" Award in 2006 IDA products are also: - The official color system for APHCA (Asia Pacific Hair and Cosmetology Association) and FILHAIR CO-OP (Philippines Hairdressers CO-OP) - The official hair colorant for Milan OMC Hair World Championship 2004 Hong Kong Team