Wotng Co.

WOTNG Co. is the independent production, R & D ThinClient,All-in-one PC, PC Staion Company. WOTNG ThinClient Smart thin shape, stylish and elegant,Energy saving,low power consumption,Support for 1080P high definition player, meticulous rendering perfect stay at home, can enjoy theater-like audio-visual feast! Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7,Windows CE,XPE,Linux,etc(Optional); WOTNG All-in-one PC Stylish, Energy saving,low power consumption,High definition,Greatly enhanced the precision and touch more performance,Whether at home, office or outdoor advertising, query, Can enjoy the superior performance. Since 2003, we begin to produce and selling All in one PC&Thin Client& PC Station in global . After five years development, now we opened big market all over the world. We got our WOTNG agent in India. You can find WOTNG All in one PC,WOTNG Thin Client and PC Station easily in Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa easily, also you can find some of us in other markets. Our business aim is to let more and more people come to know and use thin clients. We supply our customer solutions for economical computing, computers that are cheaper and smaller than traditonal desktops.