Wide & Tall Plastic Co. has been one of the leading PVC Inflatable manufacturers with an excellent reputation for over 36 years, and our factory is located in Shenzhen City (No. 1, Longtan Industrial Zone, Lougang Community, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China) and was established in 1989. We have 176 high frequency welding machines, 285 sewing machines and over 480 workers. Our extensive lines include inflatable toys, beach items, and inflatable advertising and promotional items such as swim rings, mattresses, bouncing castles, inflatable sofa, seat cushions, pillows, shower curtains, surfboards, PVC weld bags, sewing bags and camping mats! We have our own design department to create new ideas and new products continuously, and provide services from design to final production. Strict QC is executed from coming material to shipment, assuring our good quality. Every single piece of product has to pass 12-24-hour inflation test before delivery. On the other hand, you might need one factory which carries ICTI certificate & Wal-Mart Factory ID. Now, here you are! Wide & Tall Plastic Co. is a professional inflatable item manufacturer with 36 years of experience, and applied for ICTI audit this year with registered # C2586 & Wal-Mart Factory # 28089096. Therefore, please send any custom logos/designs & ODM or OEM inquiries NOW. Personnel Information: Number in Manufacture 400 ( employees ) Number in Management 23 ( employees ) Number in Quality Assurance / Control 10 ( employees ) Number in Sample Making Department 18 ( employees ) Number in Engineering / Maintenance 12 ( employees ) Number in Others 20 ( employees ) Total Personnel of Factory 483 ( employees ) Facilities Information: Total Factory 23,000 square meters Manufacturing Facilities 20,000 square meters Receiving Area 1,000 square meters Warehousing Facilities 1,000 square meters F.G. Store & Shipping Facilities 1,000 square meters Equipment Information: Main manufacturing & testing equipment of our factory: # Name Type Number Origin 1 Welding Machine electric 176pcs Taiwan area 2 Plane Punch electric 13pcs Taiwan area 3 Air press machine electric 7pcs Taiwan area 4 Sewing machine electric 285pcs Taiwan area 5 Metal detector electric 2pcs Taiwan area