Velcro Tape Hook Loop Tape

Wing Chun Industrial Company Ltd., specializing in producing of (Velcro Tape) magic tape, pressure sensitive fastener, cable ties, import injection hook, unmapped loop magic tape, fluff sectional fastener magic tape, mushroom head magic tape, knitted back to back magic tape, hair roller, Transparent hook magic tape, Plastic hook magic tape, E-tie magic, stamping and Screen printing magic tape, Chong type magic, Voltage magic. Pakistan sticky ball, Self-adhesive magic. The company has imported professional production equipment, Advanced Technology and connected the production and operation together. Has passed SGS(ROHS) EU environmental certification, Detection of non-toxic heavy metals,BS7271(UK),FED-STD-191(USA),CNS(TAIWAN),JIS-L-1096(JAPAN),EN71 certification Color and ultraviolet rays to reach the prison more than four. Homogeneous species, with the whole specification, high quality and multicolor samples. Widely used in garment factory, shoes factory, bad and cabbage factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, gloves, sports equipment factory, Medical treatment equipment factory, electronic plastic products factory and all kinds of military support and other industries, best selling all over the world. Mainly exports in Southeast Asia. The Middle East, Europe and So on, more than 50 countries and regions. With  the good quality and strong gluing, rapid delivery, it has wined a very good image by the users.