Our companyWe are particularly specialized in spare parts for diesel engines. We have got a long and wide experience in this field since 1960. We export in various countries all over the world. Interesting prices and deliveries often from stock enable us to offer a very good service to our customers.We are able to supply you with: Nozzles, elements, delivery valves for diesel engines - Glow plugs (double and single coil) and thermo-starters for diesel engines - Stop solenoids for diesel engines - Gasket kits for diesel injection pumps - Filter brackets - Group valves (Set valves) for C.R. injectors - Hand primers - Injectors - Spacers - Washers - Metering valves - Overflow valves - Shafts - Pins and rollers - Pressure Valves - Diaphragms - Springs - Governor weights - End plates - Heads and rotors - Plaited pipes - Pipe sets - Miscellaneous spare parts for diesel injection pumps - Starters & Alternators. ///Custom-made Air Fresheners for your business gifts. We are also in a position to offer a wide range of tools for the repair of diesel injection pumps and various spare parts / tools for common rail.We are the export department of Messrs. Corona & C. SpA, manufacturers of fuel pumps.WE DO NOT OPERATE ON RETAIL SALES!