Vihita Chem Pvt Ltd

Vihita Chem is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Drug/Fragrance intermediates and speciality chemicals established since 1990. The company has established its strong goodwill especially in European segment and regularly exports its products to countries like Belgium, Germany, Czech republic, France, Ireland, Spain. The company also exports its products in American and Asian continents. We are regularly exhibiting our company in Cphi fair. The company manufacture following range of products. 4-Bromo anisole 2-Bromo anisole 4-Bromo 2-chloro phenol 2-Bromo 4-chloro phenol 2-Bromo 4-cyano phenol 4-Bromo phenol M-Methoxy benzyl alcohol M-methoxy phenol 4-Methyl Catechol 4-Methyl Guaicol (4-Methyl 2-Methoxy Phenol), N, N-Dimethyl formamide dimethyl acetal, (DMFDMA) 3,4-Dimethoxy toluene, Veratryl alcohol, Veratrole, Veratraldehyde, Isovanillin, 3,4-Dimethoxy 2-Chloro Benzil, (2CBM), Syringaldazine, Guanidine nitrate Guanidine hydrochloride high pure Propyl Gallate 1,4-Dimethoxy benzene 3,4-Dimethoxy acetophenone A line of communication mentioning your interest shall be highly appreciated. Assuring you our best attention all the times.