Ionkini Technology ( GZ ) Co.,Ltd. is a corporation partner of USA Ionkini Technology ( HK ) Limited which authorized Ionkini Technology ( GZ ) Co.,Ltd. to use its brand "Ionkini" for researching, producing in China mainland and selling worldwide. USA Ionkini Technology ( HK ) Limited is a high-tech company mainly specializing in researching and developing, producing car electronics like car oxygen bar which can generate negative ions and release fragrance. The mission of our company is to produce the products of cleaning the air in cars, and provide clear car environment. Relying on the strong U.S.A technical advantages, and complying with a productive researching principle "Not seeking for No. 1, but seeking for unique products", Ionkini people has continually developed many original products, and has been leading the automobile air clearness fashion. We are taking the business concept of "Dedication, Innovation, Integrity", to provide the first-grade products and services for all dealers and users. Additional contents: 1. Notice rights success Congratulate to our company successfully wiped out a number of violations of our intellectual property (patent) products and enterprises! -------- Thanks to the Intellectual Property Office of China! Thanks to the Ministry of Alibaba Justice! 2. Substance of "Agency" 1). The quality of our products are reliable and they are seldom broken.( Otherwise, our products couldn't enter Wal-Mart). There are two alternatives of after-sales for your chosen: a).Within one year, we offer repairing and replacement service.( The broken products shall be sent to us at first and the postage that the part of sending broken products to us is billed evenly by both sides. ). The replacement products will be shipped together with your next order. b). When making delivery, we offer more 2% products. 2).JO-626, JO-622, JO-623 are the easiest for OEM. As long as ordered products are more than 320 pieces and 360 pieces, we may laser your LOGO or trademark on the products for free charge. 3). The video of smoke dispelling Experiment may describe Product functions. Please click the "Video intro" to watch it. You can also go to This page's "Company Website URL" to watch it. 4). Detailed of "Agency" Please click This page's "Company Website URL" 5). Please contact us, we will give you the most intimate services and more information you would like to know. Thanks!