Philippine Fiberglass is an experienced fiber glassing company located in Subic Bay, Philippines. The company motto is; To Deliver a high quality product in real time. That means, we aim to always produce the highest quality product, and aim to deliver to your schedule, not ours.The difference between China and the Philippines is the English language. English is the second language in the Philippines. To you, the customer, that means, there is absolutely no language barrier therefore, the chance of mistakes is much lower. Our head mould maker is an Australian with over 30 experience in the fiberglass manufacturing industry, and the lead marketing person is also an Australian with a great deal of experience in marketing to corporate companies, and understanding client needs. The company owner is from the Philippines, and he has managed to set up superior export freight rates and raw materials are purchased directly from the factories. This means further savings.Philippine Fiberglass can manufacture small to large products, and can incorporate steel/stainless into the job as we also have our own metal shop.Our knowledge and expertise does not stop there. We are also expert glaziers therefore, if a product being manufactured needs glass, not only can we supply glass through our buying arm, but we can also install, frame or direct glaze. The sealant we use for fitting glass is both UV stable and fully paintable.We welcome all enquiries to either contact us and or visit or production facilities.