Teng Yuanzhi Shenzhen Electronic Co., Ltd.

Teng YuanZhi Shenzhen Electronic co .,Ltd (Suntor Electronic Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary in Hong Kong ) is specialized in high end wireless video monitoring systems, closed-circuit monitoring systems, satellite communication systems, CATV and microwave remote video surveillance systems. We are a high-tech and private enterprise engaged in Wireless control and image transmission system development and application. We are one of the leaders in wireless microwave transmission systems and network multimedia communication systems. Our company has strong technology and R&D capacity. We are all committed to long-distance microwave communication industry, security information industry and radio TV industry. To create peaceful and harmonious environment, we have the responsibility to revitalize the national science technology. Our Remote microwave video transmission systems have been widely used in various industries, including Government departments, Military, Security systems, Oil field, Construction Corporations, Large Mines, Factories and Construction sites. We are supplying customers with wireless communication networking and wireless video surveillance and video conferencing integrated projects. At present, our company has developed some new products, such as high-end applications for mobiles and high-resolution image transmission systems based on 2.4/5.8rG license-exempt bands wireless network transmission systems and traditional analog microwave remote image transmission systems. Our new systems can be applied to mountains, forests, countryside, deserts, rivers, islands, oil, electricity, construction sites and other places. Our remote image transmission systems can transmit real-time long-distance and high definition video images because of high frequency image carrier. Our products are popular among customers in the industry.