TaeYeon Group is founded in 1992. Numbers of employees are approximately 200 and the total sales are 25 Million USD. We are large company that produces machineries such as Automatic rebar cutting & bending line, rebar cutter and bender. We also have three large rebar reinforcing factories: InCheon, JangAn, OnYang and one machinery factory in Busan, South Korea. Our company owned the superior rebar machineries, rebar processing goods and manufacturing technologies. We are the top exporter for rebar machineries and rebar processing goods which have high quality in South Korea. We supply our competitive machinery and construct rebar processing line by turn-key base to the Construction & Steel industries mainly in exporting worldwide markets and also to the domestic marketsWe have four overseas branches including Vermont, CA (the USA) , Philippine, Indonesia. Furthermore, we have five domestic branches to sell rebar machineries & rebar processing lines. We are famous as "INNO-BIZ enterprise", "Promising export medium enterprise", "Top ranking Technology company", "Excellent tax payer corporation", "Venture firm" which designated by Korean Government and Government Institutions. We have been supplying our products with various types to provide excellent mechanical properties such as high durability & less malfunction as well as competitive qualities through our Quality Control engineer staff's TQC & PQC checking / monitoring and are ready for immediate response to the customers' demands in diverse styles. Our products are famous for its high quality with ISO 9001 certificate and international Patents and also lower price with same quality of Japan that is our rival. We have CE certification and UL certification is under processing for rebar cutter and bender. Particularly, we are also specialized in constructing rebar processing lines by turn-key base and built our lines for TATA group by turn-key base in India, etc. From 1996, we has been exported our lines & machineries to the worldwide customers with the great welcome from them. The total capacities of our factories are 120, 000 ton per year and there are many types of equipments to manufacture products. With newly developed products and current products, we are supplying them through multinational customers and supporting with reliable & quick customer service. Foreseeing and creative mind of TaeYeon group provide the satisfaction to its customers by endless effort and investment to the factory and worldwide customers. Stepping into 2006, we are devoted to new technology exploration, and continue its growth by an energetic and professional Research and Development team with sophisticated experience in this field. We are looking forward to continuous supporting for customers and distributors in the near future. Thank You