Tivok, Australia based new energy company under TIANWEI Group, Focuses on energy saving solution of lighting system and photovoltaic system. We aims to provide high quality products and services to every business and household worldwide.Tivok is highly conscientious about the environment including the effect of enhanced global warming. We feel compelled to help you act on issues relating to better energy management. Investing in tivok products and services can benefit both our customers and the environment.Tivok provides Australia and the rest of the world with affordable, high quality solar panels sourced from our parent company TIANWEI, which is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world, boasting the only complete PV industrial chain in China, ensuring you get the cheapest product. We provide a wide range of both mono-crystalline, polycrystalline solar panels and silicon cells, which are currently some of the most efficient panels and cells of their sort in the market, making them a great investment for the future!We provide latest and greatest energy saving lighting for every application. Whether you are building a new home, fitting out business premises, or looking to replace your existing lighting lamps.