Tianjin Mande Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Yuemingxin Technology Development Co.,Ltd.(previous name Tianjin Mande )Founded in 1991, initially to operate the photovoltaic industry and supply grinding material tools.Industry and trade, domestic export concurrently. Tools are used for cutting super-hard material (such as silicon wafer) , sell to the U.S.,Europe, Australia and around the world, and have establish a long-term relationship with the American DTI company. Our diamond cutting wire make an important effect in solar energy industry, and be scientific and technological innovation of China.Meanwhile a number of the key technologies got national patent. the company continued to strengthen R & D efforts, and strive to implement. Is composed of the traditional single marketing company to transform scientific and technological enterprises. The product tools in our company can use for cutting and reprocessing all kinds of non-metal hard material (including sapphire,glass, silicon, ceramics and popular accessories material). In 2007 ,we combined our owm skills for hard material with traditional technology for glass, started to research another industry-glass beads. After in 2 years, we have became one of the biggest glass beads companies in North China,and found our new company--Tianjin Yuemingxin Technology Development Co.Ltd.Our products not only sell well for domestic market but also to America ,Europe and Asia countries. China has a very long history of glass beads,especially Beijing and Tianjin city,as captial place with thousand years history,what's more with 3000years as a town,the best material of glass beads.The process of manufacturing beads is from palace,carry down from generation to generation,with rich cultural deposits. Lazurte,Chinas ancient material,is defferent from crystal.Accoring to archaeologist,glass beads has 3000years history in China.Lazurite , procuced by firing in many work process and workmanship,is made of crude and high-quality clay (lime,quartz,feldspar)plus flux and coloring material etc.It is similiar with porcelain and praised as the first of Five famous utensils of China(bullion,jade,lazurite,china,bronze)and one of the seven treasure of Buddhism . Lazurite is especially resevered for the the use of royal House down the age.It is very hard to find in folk. therefore, the craftmaking is lost.2007 to 2008, after introducing long-term studies and adopting technologies of senior designers,our company adds in beads Engineering, to carry forward the excellent traditional technology, with the company for many years engaged in superhard materials.Machining tools developed technology accumulation, combined with modern technology, and constantly improve the craft, open design new ideas. Our company located in north China, here are the most high-quality natural clay resources,provides excellent raw material for coloured glaze products, Beijing is has more than 3000years construction history and 850 years of historical as a town. In Tianjin area, glaze processing, inheriting palace process, with a long history,exquisite technology, beautiful. For the design style,we took the old china traditional technology and blazed new trails , to reach the good quality ,we-made for handwork, colours design and so on. We formed new company named "Tianjin Yuemingxin Technology Development Co.Ltd" in 2011,focus on jewelry ,arts and crafts business. We welcome all the friends from all over the world ,we hope we can take hands for common development to good future!