Theg Inc.

Fine&Clear is a professional cosmetic lens manufacturer and distributor based in the United States, offering a wide variety of color contact lenses for domestic and international markets. Our company was established in 2003 and we have been dedicated to bringing the quality of the product to ensure the satisfaction of vision care to people in the world. Our brand contact lenses are FDA approved and they are highly competitive with other major brands such as Freshlook Color Contacts. We mainly supply color contact lenses ranges from three tones to single tone, and graphite color lenses. In our experienced of color contact lenses, we are specialized in variety ranges of colors and designs (approximately 70 different kinds), which it will ensure the needs of cosmetic purposed lenses. Our purpose is to improve the health, well-being of the people, and support the need of cosmetic. For that reason, our research of products will continuously seek to develop further on providing clear vision, comfort, health, and designs.