Todachi Indonesia

TODACHI GROUP establishment can not be separated from development and courage of PT. Surya Citra Abadi Prima whom was operate as Metal Stamping Parts Factory, then in several years slowly but sure it developed into one of the perpetrators of the Company which manufactures household appliances. With the support of more then 200 employees and the ability of machines technology, PT. Surya Citra Abadi Prima is now capable of producing 60,000 units Gas Stove every month, and 20,000 units of the other domestic-appliance consisting of Magic Com , Fan , Gas Regulator Hose and Bracket LCD .To meet consumer needs, then PT.TODACHI INDONESIA was established as a company whom develop the markets with brand called TODACHI to not only regional markets but also internationally. until recent years Todachi company has 5 branches in several major cities in Indonesia, which is: Jakarta, Makassar, Palembang, Surabaya and Lampung and the other cities TODACHI has been cooperating with many agents of trusted distributors. (RMD)