Tianjin Guozhong Hose Clamp Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Guozhong Hose Clamp CO.LTD is specialized in Hose Clamps, established in July 2008 with 6600 square meters. On the production and management sides,our company have rich experience with hose clamps producting and management for many years in order to keep the products' stability. On the production technic side, our company had many professional Technic staff to develop the new products according to customers' requirement and demand. At the same time we continue to improve,enhance the quality and efficiency. On the quality and price sides, we will try our best to do the best quality,but not the highest prices. On the clients' choice side, domestic customers: automobile factory, heater factory,high-end domestic hose clamp users,the excellent agents in the major cities, vendors; foreign clients: Europe, the United States, Asia and other places. In the company's scale, not for the biggest,but for the best. Management philosophy: parters, common develipment! Let Tianjin Guozhong Hose Clamp co.ltd help you find the hose clamps you need.