Twinlink Communication Technology(Shenzhen) Co.LTD

Twinlink Communication Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen is one of China's famous manufacturing

enterprises of RF coaxial connectors and cable assembly, set design and production and sales as a whole, has first

-class design and engineering team, based on technology-led coretechnology-based manufacturing companies.

      The company's products for RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, comprehensive whole RF Series

connector from the small MMCX, SMP, MCX, to commonly SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, the TNC and large 7 / 16, N, QDS,

in order to meet the requirements of high-end customers, the company has established a comprehensive test

products in the Southern Region, and even the industry at the leading level of electrical performance, mechanical

performance, and reliability of specialized laboratories, the company's products are widely used in communication

microwave communications base stations, aerospace, wireless communications, satellite and radar, computer,

electronic and medical fields and related areas of ancillary services, all product safety certification through North

America, Europe, Japan, and many domestic recognition of the foreign customers.

      Companies adhering to the purpose and philosophy of service excellence, product diversity "to constantly

improve our products and services, customer-centric, high-quality products, friendly service, professional knowledge

to provide a full range of services, and customer will also work hand in hand to success.