Tre C SRL, based in Segrate, Milan, Italy, manufactures Electrical heaters and Heating Elements for all industrial fields of appliance like air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, chemical and oil, oleo dynamic, galvanic and electroplating, liquid-and air treatment, etc. Our Products families: Immersion heaters, Finned heaters, Cartridge heaters, Band- & Flat-heaters, Micro-tubular-and Silicon rubber heaters, Heating cables, Electroplating heaters (Monotube-and Teflon-heaters) , Temperature control devices and Thermocouples together with some other electrical accessories. - Wide company experience of about 50 years as original manufacturers of electrical heaters for industrial or civil appliance. - High Flexibility in manufacturing every sort of shape, bend design and whatelse technical solution within a combination of standard-and non-standard features according to our customers needs / specifications. - Top-quality products built under the most rigid international norms and stress-tests. - Direct market to primary domestic-and international industries in the metallurgical, thermo-dynamic, oil-dynamic, chemical-pharmaceutical, foodstuff-catering, paper technology, flexographic, textile sectors, in washing plants, in packing, air conditioning and refrigeration- Exclusive warehouse of about 10-12. 000 electrical heaters / devices of varied type and sizing, suiting any domestic and / or industrial application. As of today, we currently project, design and manufacture all possible varied shapes of electrical heaters suitable to be applied to any customer specify or under any specific customer technical drawing, suitably designed for air heating appliances (electrical finned air heaters, electric heating finned batteries for still or moving air) or for water, oil, gas, petrol, diathermic oil, etc. (immersion tubular heaters, flange heaters, boiler heaters, heat exchangers finished with metal tank) in the most varied details with: a. Casing / tube diameters: diam. 6. 3-8. 2-10. 3-15. 4 mmb. Tube materials used: Copper, Steel, AISI 304, 321, 316L, 316Ti, 309S, Incoloy800, Titanium. c. Voltage: from 60V to 600V. d. Power: from 0. 1 KW to 2000 KWe. Length: from 250 mm to 5100 mmf. Sealing: Epoxy and Silicon resinsg. Protection level: from IP40 to IP65 execution. Our Quality: - CSQ (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000) certified quality system- Top-quality German product's quality certificate VDE since 1994. - Manufacturing under Flameproof class: II 2 G EEx d IIC T4 to T1- Manufacturing according to UL-norms-UL-listing when specifically required. Today our group is one of the leading European manufacturers of armoured finned heaters for air and coil banks (Air handling units) , cartridge heaters, band-and flat-heaters, micro-tubular armoured heaters, silicon rubber and heating cables, temperature control systems and thermocouples, electroplating heaters.