Tianhong Art Tech. Co., Ltd.

We were found in 1998 as a studio training painting skills. In 2002, we started selling oil paintings and frames directly to foreign customers. We are now an art company with our own creating team, quality-control team, sales team, and studios of over 400 painters and facilities of wooden picture frames. We do not purchase paintings from third source. All paintings are made by our painters, so, we can offer very competitive prices. We speak with every artist on a daily basis. We are a system of Overall Quality Control. Everybody of our company is on the position to check the quality. That's why we can offer incredible quality and service to you. We are artists ourselves and we work with our other artists directly. We are an international company. Our customers are all over the world, from USA, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Malta, Austria of Europe, to Australia, New Zealand, etc.. We serve galleries, interiors designers, furniture stores, art dealers and art lovers world wide. We strongly welcome gallery and wholesaler to be partnership with us to expand the sales channels. We will do whatever possible to help you succeed in this industry.