The Arabic Company For Ship Building

We have been building boats since 1945We have the capacity to build up to 100 boat a year. 20-25mThe yard occupies 1000mx500m. We deal with all quality materials professionally. The workers numbers exceeds 500We create top quality boats with affording prices. The fishing boats can be designed to be either trawlers Bottom trawling, purse seine trawling, shrimp fishing fishing in depth up to 100 meters depth. We Provide all boats and yachts accessories like Winch Radar Sonar GPS Compass Fresh water maker freezer suites the capacity of the boat.We are opening a new advanced composit shipyard in UAE in maritime CIty with the Brand name Almass, the new shipyard is the latest in very sophesticated technology, most of it automated, to reduce the cost and time for production very much, and increase the quality very much.