Sichuan Zhongke Better Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Zhongke Better Technology Co., Ltd. was established with funds from the Global Group of Wuliangye Group and Sichuan Corder Group Co., Ltd. As a branch of the Chinese Academy of Science and Photonics Technology Institute, we hold registered capital worth RMB 200 million. Relying on the strong Wuliangye brand and the powerful R&D capability offered by the Chinese Academy of Science and Photonics Technology, we are engaged in the development, manufacturing, sale and technical service of glass bead raw materials, micro glass beads, reflective films, reflective fabrics and reflective paints. Moreover, we can also supply numerical control and CNC equipment, angular displacement sensors (photoelectric rotary encoders), displacement sensors, optical measurement devices and paper packaging. Furthermore, we can supply design, production and technical services in the field of automation systems and control engineering. Located in the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, adjacent to Shuangliu International Airport in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, our new industrial park covers more than 110 acres. With specialized technology and a talented team of experienced and highly skilled professional staff, we are a well-educated and youthful company. Boasting our own optical open test center, this institute utilizes advanced technologies, a project incubator and a team of highly qualified research personnel. With our annual sales volumes now worth RMB300,000,000 and profits valued at RMB60,000,000, our yearly output volumes are as follows: 1) Photoelectric sensors: 250,000 to 350,000 pieces 2) Glass bead materials: 6,000 metric tons 3) Glass beads: 3,000 metric tons 4) Reflective film and fabric: 8,000,000 square meters 5) Paper products: 60,000,000 square meters Adhering to the operational spirit of 'Innovation, Development, Competition, Perseverance and Endeavor', we have the quality policy of 'No Best, Only Better' in terms of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Striving to maintain our position as a large modern enterprise with meticulous management and advanced technology, our goal is to 'Provide first-class products, offer first-class quality, operate a first-class enterprise and be first-class staff'. Having the confidence and determination to build an excellent domestic optical mechanical enterprise with leading technology, we are confident of becoming the best company in this field in China. If you are interested in any of our products or have a customized order to fill, please contact us now for more detailed information.