Shijiazhuang Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993, covering a floor area of 10,000sqm, including a construction area of 4,000sqm, Shijiazhuang Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Xinsheng Chemical for short) is a professional producer of Zinc Phosphate, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Hydrate and Condensed Aluminum Phosphate. Taking advantages of substantial technical capabilities, abundant production experience, superior laboratory equipment, sophisticated laboratory instruments and the advanced chemical production lines, Xinsheng Chemical makes chemical products based on the formulas developed by well-known professors from Hebei University. Meanwhile, Xinsheng Chemical is committed to following the principles of "strict material inspection, consistent production process, flexible business operation and responsibility systems for guaranteeing product and service quality. Our products sell well at home and abroad under the brand name of Meiyu. Our export products mainly include Zinc Phosphate, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Hydrate and Condensed Aluminum Phosphate, which are widely used in anticorrosive paints in the fields of railways, automobiles and ships. Xinsheng Chemical has an annual production capacity of 1800 tons of Zinc Phosphate, 600 tons of Low Heavy Metal and Superfine Zinc Phosphate, 800 tons of Aluminum Tripolyphosphate, 800 tons of Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate, 500 tons of export-class Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Hydrate, 600 tons of Condensed Aluminum Phosphate for high temperature applications, 500 tons of Potash Water Glass and 500 tons of Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate. With 6 technical persons and quality inspectors, 5 management persons and 36 workers, Xinsheng Chemical is entitled as a reliable enterprise in keeping contract by the municipal and local industrial and commercial administration bureau. Meanwhile, our general manager, Liu Zhenlu, has been entitled as "the Chinese Famous Entrepreneur".