Shenzhen Widetell Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Widetell Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing, producing and selling VoiP, WIFI and digital media player products. Since Widetell was founded, our company has been always abiding by sincere and professional spirit to expand international market and paying close attention to the hottest market demands with sensitive eyes. After obtaining the first-hand market information, and on the basis of this information which will be helpful to guide the research and development of our products, Widetell has built up an excellent cycle of market-design-production. Widetel has been not only creating a perfect sales system but also making a good management group of market development, technical design and production control in an all-round way. Widetell understands that good quality is the sincere respect to customers and is also the critical factor to win the market. What is more, it is the solid foundation for a company's lasting development. So Widetell persists in pursuing excelsior and perfect quality to instruct technical development, material purchasing, production control and market service. Widetell proceeds to put more resource into technical development department, as well as to put capital stock into PCB manufacturing factories and SMT factories. Additionally, we also closely take part in the quality control of each production link. Facing endless business opportunity in the times of globalization, Widetell people stir up our ambition and keep strong confidence to cooperate with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors based on the principle of "sincerity, conscientiousness and pursuing perfectness to create brilliance in digital player field together".