Shenzhen Winner S&T Co., Ltd.

Established in Mar., 2004, Shenzhen Winner S&T Co., Ltd. is a high-new-technology enterprise titled by government. We are the council member of the inverter branch of China electric appliance industrial association. All of our company's software and hardware were developed by us, and all of our products bear our own intellectual property. Occupying 5 floors of office and a production area of 7,000 square meters, our annual production capacity is 50,000 units. Shenzhen Winner S&T Co., Ltd. has become the mainstream of inverter suppliers in China and we are the first company which offers hi-voltage inverters in Shenzhen. Since established, Winner has successively launched a series of first-class inverters with different control solutions such as V/F control and vector control, different operation modes like the second quadrant operation and the fourth quadrant operation, and different mail-loop topology structure like bi-level, tri-level and multi-level. Besides, our company has brought out some energy-saving products based on inverting technology. Relying on strong technology, strict production management and reliable product quality, Winner's products have entered into the fields of power supply, iron and stell, metallurgy, mines, oil, chemistry and construction. Sticking to the principle of self-development and innovation, taking the route of brand building, and by the virtue of in-depth research of inverting technology and accurate judgment over the future of the industry, Winner keeps developing fast and steadily.