Shanghai Tianwei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Tianwei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the major players in the Chinese air conditioning industry, specialized in central/split air conditioning products .It was established in 2001, integrating refrigeration equipment production, installation and technical services. We are now an agent for "Daikin" in China. Our main products include Daikin intelligent Central Air Conditioning and all kinds of DAIKIN compressors and DAIKIN refrigeration equipment accessories. Daikin factory has about 20,000 people including 15,000 workers, 200 senior engineers, 18 doctors and masters, 1,000 engineers for R&D, 50 engineers from Japan and more than 550 technicians, etc.. In addition,there are thirteen assembly lines, two condenser& evaporator production lines, one painting line, and many large equipments such as vertical tube expander, CNC guillotine shear (shearing machine), CNC tube bending machine and many auxiliary apparatus,laboratories, and online testing rooms. All of them can achieve the exact Control of production process and guarantee the product quality.