SK Total Marine Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1994 and engaged in manufacturing and supplying various ship spare parts and marine equipment all over the world such as cylinder liners, cylinder covers, connecting rod, piston crown, piston skirt and other spare parts, turbocharger air compressor, pump, purifiers, valves, safety equipment. And, since last year we built our automatic workshop which could manufacture the big parts for example, Cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder cover, piston crown, piston skirt, water jackets, slewing gear for deck crane (JSW-HAGGLUNDS, Type : G5018/4024.12) and etc. more efficiently with high quality and more attractive delivery time. And, with our good reputation, competitive price, high quality and good technical services, we have gained many clients worldwide such as Ship owners, ship management companies, ship spare dealers etc., and we have very good cooperation relationship with them, so trust we will make your good company satisfied with our products and service also in the future. We can meet each kind of spares for following main and auxiliary diesel engine type, please check. Yanmar diesel engine, Daihatsu diesel engine, Niigata diesel engine, Akasaka, Mitsubishi, Hanshin, Man BNW, Mitsubishi purifier, Main air compressor, Turbo charger, S.W and F.W Pump, Hydraulic motor. If you have further query, please dont hesitate to contact us.