We produce high quality tanning equipment, for face and body, fitness and aesthetic equipment in general, that we sell directly and above all on behalf of thirds party: that is companies selling with their own brand and distribution system to Aesthetic Centers, Tanning Centers, Arenas, Wellness Centers, Hotels and others commercial activities related to beauty and free time.Our main characteristic is to plan and produce personalized models, according to your requirements, with flexibility and ductility for the customer.We are specialized in this market segment since over 25 years.Our equipment is the one with the highest performance existing on the market: this has been in synthesis the judgment of an authoritative institute of certification, that has tested 90% of the equipment produced in Italy. (Study Galileo di Pinerolo, Turin).The performance level and the high reliability of our devices, the optimal quality/price relationship, the commercial seriousness, allowed us to grow constantly year after year.We can satisfy companies with national and international distribution, we operate on approximately 4.000m2 of productive area diveded between the units of Genoa and Rozzano (ME).We have several ways to transport stocks, even if our interlocutor already got its own sales, delivery and attendance organization.All our products are equipped with conformity certification, according to the enforced CE normative.