Shandong Shenzhou Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

SHANDONG SHENZHOU REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, origin from 1989 and registered in 2003, is the leading manufacturer of refrigeration equipment such as parallel compressor unit, compressor condensing unit, condenser evaporator in China. 1.Reliable raw materials: Products adopt BITZER compressor, CAREL controller DANFOSS valve, electrical members are SIEMENS or LG. (last year,1/3 production amount of screw compressor of Bitzer (china) were made into compressor unit and sold by us.) 2.Strong R&D ability: we have 9+ patents We are the only manufacturer in China who can make CO2 cascade compressor unit which was exported to France in 2010. 3.Quality control: ISO 9001, CCC certificate 4.Complete after-sales ability: We have one of the five BITZER Green Point maintenance centers. 5.Our honors: Member of CRAA.(China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Association ) 2011 the Fastest Growing Reward of BITZER 2011 the Most Potential Enterprise in refrigeration area 6.Big clients: COCA COLA SINOPEC COFCO THSINGTAO BEER HIMIN