Shenzhen SHX Packing Designing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen SHX Packing Designing Co.,Ltd. , was founded in 2005. We are professional of producing all kinds of packaging box. Our main product are electronic products packaging box, electronic cigarette packaging box , mobile phone packaging box, Wine box packaging, paper handbags ,cosmetic box ,jewel case, hand chain packaging box, diamond ring packaging box, camera case, Camera lens packaging box, Watch box ,Slingshot packing box, Moblie power packaging, Shoe box, dermis shoe box,Wallet packaging box,Telephone packaging box,Table Calendar, ceramics packaging box, leather case ,MP3 packaging box,MP4 packaging box,packaing boxfor IPhone and ipad and so on. we have a strong research team, and new idea , we create new package constantly to satisfy customers needs. Using self-developed products, and un-copied service and products to win customers. With our existing advantages and development ability, we focus on designing unique package, so we can give the value of product a high point. We could OEM for any product.