Shenzhen Sunnypol Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

As a new high-tech private enterprise, Shenzhen Sunnypol Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., established in 2007, develops quickly and becomes a leading corporation in LCD polarizer field in short 3 years. We have succeeded in developing many "Firsts" in China: first CSTN transflective polarizer, first OLED polarizer, first TFT transflective polarizer and first wide (1,330mm) TFT polarizer production line for which we own independent intellectual property rights. Sunnypol has applied for 2 inventive patents and 15 practical patents. Line 1: Sunnypol built the first Chinese wide (1,330mm) TFT polarizer middle and post process production line in 2007 in Songgang Branch. Line 2: Sunnypol completed 650mm polarizer production line in Putian Branch (Fujian Province) in 2008. Line 3: Sunnypol established first Chinese wide TFT (1490mm) polarizer in Guangming headquarters in March 2010. Line1 and Line 2 mainly manufacture FSTN & CSTN medium and small sized TFT polarizers which are widely applied to mobiles, instruments and industries. Line 3 mainly produces TFT polarizer which is widely used for 26 inch to 62 inch LCD TV, 10 inch to 24 inch notebooks and computer monitors, GPS navigation (smaller than 10 inch), mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players and other displays. Sunnypol Technology Park, located in Guangming District, occupies an area of 100,000 square meters, where the first domestic wide (1490mm) TFT polarizer production line will be accomplished by the end of March 2011. Sunnypol plans to build 4 TFT polarizer production lines in 8 years. Our company also owns about 4,000 square meters of R&D center, with 6 laboratories for project development, product development, process development, optoelectrical test, chemical test and machine development. Sunnypol will always strive to perform our best to win customers' satisfaction and trust. In the pursuit of perfect service, we are confident to make our brand SUNNYPOL the symbol of supreme quality all over the world. Welcome to cooperate with Sunnypol.