Shenzhen Shennan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shennan Microelectronics Co., Ltd established in 2003,which is a 3 Years Warranty LED Lights manufacturer,(its HK company CHS INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LIMITED established in 2009),since Nov, 2003,with high class production and testing equipments, experienced R&D Team (8 person) and LED Drivers Engineering Team(3 person),We focus on Top Quality CREE LED Spotlights, CREE LED bulbs, CREE LED Downlights, CREE LED Floodlights, LED High Bay and LED Tubes etc. 1. How we produce a Real Quality LED Lamp ? First we need to know what is a good lamp, A good lamp is determined by 2 factors, first is the LEDs quality, second is the LED drivers quality. While for Shennan Microelectronics , we use the genuine imported CREE LEDs to handle first factor, secondly, we use the well known famous LED Drivers only, most of them gain International Quality Standard like CE,ROHS, ISO, SAA, UL etc, besides, they will stand 5 tests/checks during their assembly in the lamps production. These are what a Real Quality Lamp Born. 2. Is the lamp the brighter, the better ? Many people mistaking think yes, However, it is not.. A lamps brightness is firstly controlled by the LEDs brand, then it is determined by the LEDs actual working current, when the LEDs brand are fixed, the LEDs actual working current affect the lamps brightness, the higher the working current is, the brighter the lamp is, and the quicker the LEDs light decay is (when exceed the balanced current limit) , Some people are improving the current to gain a high brightness, but sacrificing the LEDs light decay, This is not a good way. The most important is to have the LEDs working current, brightness and light decay well balanced. For Shennan Microelectronics , we have rich experienced engineers in realising the lamps maximum brightness, safety level light decay at a balanced working current. 3. Shennan Microelectronics adopt 3 Years Warranty, how this been finalised ? We do the warranty not from a guarantee words or paper, but from our quality confidence and responsibility to our customers, the warranty is from the purchased day on, when there is a problem, we will do the solution immediately according to the lamps usage situation, the quality resulted problem will be replaced, the customers PI is well recorded and it will not destroy or lost when there are salers change, then there is always the solution in the 3 years Guarantee Period. Many Distributors grow very fast successful after choosing our quality CREE lights, this make us very confident, and we are sure our lights will become your Best Selling in your products range.