Shenzhen RT-TECH Electronic Communication Co., Ltd.

RT-Tech Electronics Co., Limited is a leading LED based company with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. We design and make many types of LED energy saving products, such as: a) LED Spot Lights (in high power, 1W per LED, 70-110 lumens per LED): E27/E26 series: E27/E26-12W (PAR38), E27/E26-7W (PAR30), E27/E26-6W (PAR30 or PAR25), E27/E26-5W, E27/E26-4W (PAR25), E27/E26-3W (PAR16); E14 series: E14-3W; Gu5.3 series: Gu5.3-MAR16-3W; G24 series: G24-10W, G24-7W, G24-6W; Gu10 series: Gu10-3W; B22 series: B22-3W b) LED Tubes (in low power, 5-6.5 lumens per LED): T8/T5 series c) LED Bulbs E27-9W/7W/5W/4W/3W in high power d) LED Track Light Holders: E27-PAR38-12W; E27-PAR30-7W; E27-PAR25-6W; E27-5W; E27-PAR16-3W track light holders; Gu5.3-MR16-3W track light holder; e) LED Flexible Strips (suitable for architectural lighting, cove lighting): 3528 SMD series: 30pcs, 60pcs/m, 3528 SMD LED, 12V DC, Tri-Color RGB and other colors, waterproof or non waterproof 5050 SMD series: 30pcs, 60pcs/m, 5050 SMD LED, 12V DC, non-waterproof or waterproof Tri-Color RGB and other colors Our products have obtained CE & RoHS certificates. They have super high brightness, good consistency, low light fade and long lifetime, and are widely used for general lighting and spot lighting. We also have LED back-light sources, LED indoor and outdoor lighting, LED landscape and home decorative lighting, LED street lamps, LED floodlights, LED tunnel lights, city lights, LED daylight lamps, LED garden lamps and LED street lamps. We will always strive for excellence and innovate with outstanding quality, advanced technology and excellent after-sales service to provide clients with first-class products. We follow the world trend and create the brilliant future by developing science and technology. Let's respond to national and worldwide call for energy saving and environmental protection! Let's use LED lamps, tubes and bulbs now!